Sunday, January 11, 2015

Well, there's your problem.

The main pulley on my thickness planer broke this evening. I was removing a board from the out-feed side so the bang scared me less than it would have otherwise. Happily, I was able to turn the planer off before the v-belt suffered any real damage.
This is the first breakdown I've had with the thickness planer. I've had it for about ten years and the replacement part is only about $30 including shipping. That's a reliable tool. I'll use this as an opportunity to thoroughly clean and lubricate the planer.
In the mean time my current project goes on hiatus for a few days or I use the table saw and get a workout using a hand plane to finish surfacing about fifty board-feet of stock for a tool cabinet. Maybe I'll get the workout and see how long it takes. I could use the exercise...